Market Reports

J J Morris Calendar
31st December 2017

Download file for the full sales list from Cardigan, Whitland and Crymych for 2017.

J J Morris Calendar
31st December 2017

Download file for the full sales list from Cardigan, Whitland and Crymych for 2017.

Whitland Calves and Fatstock
21st February 2017

Another fast calf trade that should attract more entries and lambs average 167ppk. Download file for full report:

Monday 20th February
20th February 2017

Fat hogget's to 180p and £83.50. Cull ewes to £113. Store hogget's to £74. Store cattle to £1060. Beef calves to £395.

Whitland Store
18th February 2017

Wednesday 15th February
15th February 2017

Cull ewe trade was on fire, selling to £145. Store hogget's to £77. Ewe and lambs couples to £133/head.

Whitland Dairy, Calves and Sheep
14th February 2017

Monday 13th February
13th February 2017

Fat hogget's to 176p and £85.20 Cull sheep to £79, store hogget's to £71.80. Beef calves to £222.

Whitland Calves and Fatstock
7th February 2017

Another fierce calf trade at Whitland this week with more new buyers present providing a good demand for the variety of calves entered.

Monday 6th February
6th February 2017

Fat hoggets to £81 and 176ppk. Store hoggets to £73 Cull ewes to £68.50. AA weaned calves to £410.

Catalogue for Suckler Cows and Pedigree Hereford Cows
4th February 2017

Fortnightly sale of Store and Breeding Cattle to include: Special entry of 30 Pedigree Herefords comprising of 15 Cows, 5 yearling heifers and 10 yearling steers from the Derwydd Herd of Mr & Mrs DH Thomas, Doldderwydd, Whitland. All cows are scanned and due to calve April onwards. Also 22 incalf cows (15 black Hereford X Cows, 6 British Blue X Cows and 1 Charolais X Cow) scanned and due March onwards to Simmental Bull also offered for sale and 28 yearling cattle from Mr & Mrs J Harries, Gignog Farm, Penycwm. Breeding section also to include: 1x Pedigree Limousin Bull (Black) 14 months; 1x Pedigree Limousin Heifer (Black) 17 months; 1x Pedigree Simmental Bull 4yo; 1x Pedigree Hereford Bull 4yo. Breeding sheep section. Entries already received: 80 in-lamb Texel ewes in flock ages. Scanned in-lamb to Charolais/Beltex Rams, due early March onwards; also 25-30 ewe and lamb couples. Further entries and enquiries to Whitland Mart on 01994 240665. Download File to view catalogue.

Whitland Store
4th February 2017

Barren cows sell to £1090. A blistering store trade with heifers to £1290 and steers to £1210. Two suckler herds dispersed with Spring calving cows selling to £1110 and breeding sheep trade on fire with in lamb ewes selling to £158 and ewe and lamb couples to £190. Download file to read the full report....

Wednesday 1st February
1st February 2017

Cull ewes to £102, rams to £82. Store hogget's to £80.50/head. In lamb ewes to £85.

Whitland Fatstock and Calves
31st January 2017

A storming calf trade saw Friesian bulls average £63 and top of £150 while bull calves sold to £270 and heifers to £272.

Monday 30th January
30th January 2017

Fat hogget's to 173p and £83/head. Store hogget's to £77.50 Cull rams to £85.50. Beef calves to £282.

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